Bumblebee prime


Being one of the most smallest Autobots Bumblebee excels at espionage and reconisence.His small stature gives him the ability to get to places his fellow Autobots can't.He Deeply admires his team mates, and tries to immpress them as hard as he can.



Bumblebee first runs into Optimus and Ratchet after they save him from some Decepticons. Ratchet tries to repair him but hes to much of a hurry. He tells him that hes looking for a bot called Optimus, optimus reveals himself. Bumblebee tells him that Zeta Prime is dead. they continue to a small Autobot base were they receive a Holographic message from jet fire telling them they need the planetary cannons online. Optimus relays the message to Jetfire that Zeta Prime is dead

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